Founded in 2019, to encourage everyone expressing their emotions by colors.

Klue is a COLORFUL Concept combining socks and accessories.

Offering earth-friendly, fair priced essentials produced by responsible labeled partners.

Focusing on essentials to remain sustainable, produced in low quantities to endure zero waste, making it appealing to everyone, standing unisex.

Our peppy creations are designed to add color to your life.


Our values :

#1 Sustainability 
You may know it, but we are fighting fast-fashion. That's why we only launch two to three collections a year, and no more! We launched only essentials so that our creations can be carried on a daily basis.

We also want to participate in a more sustainable way of consumption.

To do this, we offer warm and comfortable socks in 80% Aegean organic cotton, carefully manufactured in our Oeko Tex labeled atelier (this guarantees an environmentally friendly manufacturing process). Our socks do not shrink after washing and adapt to the shape of your foot.

Regarding our jewellry, we have chose Vermeil (gold-plated silver base) jewelry, which has, in our opinion, the best quality / price / durability ratio. All our jewels are therefore in 24 Carats 3 micron gold plated and in 925 solid silver. nickel free, you can wear them in all conditions and keep them for a long time. As we are proud and sure of our quality jewels, they all come with a 2 year warranty. 


#2 Environmentally friendly
Not yet perfect on all levels, we try to improve every day to reduce our impact on the environment. To begin with, we always favor a short circuit. All our jewelry is made in Istanbul and our packaging are carefully crafted only from recyclable and / or already recycled materials. 

Our socks making atelier is labeled in order to ensure ethical production and working conditions and employees rights.

Regarding the jewels, the most sensitive subject is, without a doubt, the extraction of raw materials, namely gold and silver. This is why our atelier is certified by the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) and / or Fairtrade label. RJC members are committed to respecting the environment, mining safety conditions and of course human and labor rights. The certification process is robust, it's not just about saying "I commit to ...".


3# Fun
We launched Klue concept to share our values, our energy, our positivism and to have fun. So join the team and our happy and colorful world :)